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energy generation from renewable sources


construction and operation of wind power farm

about the company

notos power carries out projects for the development and operation of modern, environmentally friendly wind farms, as the primary energy sources are dwindling. Our objective is to meet the rising demand for green energy and to ensure safe and continuous electricity supply.

priority - sensible siting

We site wind farms where it makes sense, i.e. in locations with stable air currents. We identify the sites based on long-term test measurements of the weather conditions.


we site wind farms where it makes sense


meeting the rising demand for green energy and to ensure safe and continuous electricity supply

higher meaning

we see a higher meaning of construction of wind power in reducing the consumption of primary raw materials and the amount of greenhouse gas emissions


highly experienced and hard-working people play the key role in each of our projects, while a  story determining the basic values for our work is behind each project.


The proportion of renewable energy sources is increasing in the European Union thanks to its policies that promote their substitution for fossil fuels, which goes hand-in-hand with pursuing the Green Deal commitments.

Wind power generation and consumption have lately seen a rapid expansion, in large part owing to the global trend to reduce greenhouse gases. In 2019, wind and photovoltaic power plants generated 18% (569 TWh) of European electricity against only 15% (469 TWh) from coal. By comparison, electricity generation from coal was double that from wind and sun five years ago.

Furthermore, the key components’ efficiency has been rising while their prices have been falling, thus making this power generating technology an attractive investment opportunity; its dependence on public aid is weakening and it is becoming a standard conservative investment area.


wind farm

Waganiec, central Poland

31,654 m2

Usable wind currents
3 250 h/r
11x Vestas, V100 2,2 MW
Total installed capacity
24,2 MW
Expected annual output
76,5 GWh
eco energy

24,2 MW

installed capacity



wind power



tonnes of coal saved every year



tonnes of CO2 emissions saved every year

member of ette

ette is a purely Czech group focusing on projects with a higher meaning. The group pursues its activities in the Czech Republic but is also gradually expanding its business to global markets.

ette finances and manages projects in four basic sectors: services, technology, sustainability, and lifestyle. These sectors interact, benefit from synergic effects and are built on a common pillar: innovation.

we invest with a higher meaning

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